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Simerics, Inc. Technology By Design

Simerics is a dynamic software / consulting company whose mission is to support your company’s R&D with the most efficient, accurate and well-supported multi-physics simulation tools possible. The Simerics team is comprised of scientists and engineers who have been among the pioneers in the development and application of multipurpose computational physics since the early 1980’s. This knowledge and experience is combined with new advances in computational physics, computational geometry, and software engineering to provide our clients with the next generation of simulation tools. Available Modules are:


  • It is a unique CFD tool created to help engineers design better fluid pumps & motors by virtue of the following:
    • Accurately models flow and aeration/cavitation
    • Fast setup time (usually less than an hour) using pump/motor specific templates
    • Offers automated "push button" grid generation
    • Significant faster (>5x) than the competition for most applications
    • Built from ground up using the latest in numerical algorithms and architecture to provide true state-of-the-art for accuracy, speed, and robustness
  • Solves more pump types than other commercial software. The following pump/motor templates are currently available:
    • Axial/Centrifugal
    • Crescent
    • Gear
    • Gerotor
    • Piston
    • Vane
    • Propellers/Fans
  • PumpLinx can also be applied for other fluid devices with rotating/sliding components and/or cavitation.

Centrifugal Pump Pressure Multistage Pump Pressure Submersible Pump Pressure

Simerics is the 5th generation software product for the transient simulation and analysis of complex processes and equipment in multi-dimensions. The software provides rigorous solutions of the fundamental laws of conservation of mass, energy, species, and momentum, to provide accurate and physically meaningful simulations for the purpose of research and/or design/process optimization. It surpasses older Multiphysics simulation software in its ability to handle complex intermeshing grids and in its fundamental architecture which is inherently faster and more flexible.

Key Features:

Simerics / PumpLinx unique features include:

  • Flow Heat Turbulent
  • Cavitation
  • Particle Tracking
  • Automated Grid Generation
  • Powerful and Easy-to-Use Moving Grid
  • Integrated Environment
  • An Adaptive Software Architecture
  • Advanced Physical Models


PumpLinx is capable of the simulation and analysis of the following pump/motor types and other devices:

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