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AeroDyne Design & InfoEngineering Private Limited is a company established by a group of experts having global exposure to Turbomachinery Industry. AeroDyne provides Software products, Design, CFD, FEA services and training in the areas of design of various types of Turbomachinery. Our alliance with the World reputed advanced technology developers makes us the right choice as a technological partner.

Our aim is to put the designers into the optimized aerodynamic design and to reduce the design time and time to market considerably, for a range of Turbomachinery products with the help of our well proven technology.

Our mission is to help companies to achieve their business goals and enable them to grow their domestic and international presence through committed and honest business partnerships and personal relationships & become a center for innovation for the industry thus providing a competitive advantage.

Our endeavour has always been to provide multi-dimensional solutions through our full spectrum of services including engineering software products.

We are entirely committed to deliver advanced technology solutions that are more powerful, more efficient, more competitive, and easier to manufacture.

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